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Welcome to LKQU

Welcome to LKQU, your source for online knowledge, comprehension and achievement.

If you are ready to access your personalized, e-learning campus, then follow the login procedures below:

First Time Users:
All new learner accounts will be automatically created once an Employee ID number has been assigned. Every LKQ employee receives their Employee ID number as part of the hiring process for payroll. If you do not know your employee ID number, you may locate it on your paystub or speak with your supervisor for further assistance.

Returning Users:
Existing employees will no longer use their email address for their username. All employees will now enter their Employee ID number and a default password of "welcome." Employees who have forgotten their ID's and cannot reference their paystub will need to speak with their supervisor for further assistance.

All Employees:
To login to LKQU, please click the "Learner Login" image below and enter the following information:

1. Login ID: Employee ID Number
2. Default Password: welcome

Noteworthy Resources:
You can make sure your computer is e-Learning ready by clicking HERE to test for the required software, hardware and internet access. Important Note: You will not be able to properly view the e-learning courses from a Neoware computer.

To watch a video about LKQU and the various features, click HERE.

LKQU was created specifically for you, so be sure to browse the available resources on this site. To view the available course titles, click HERE for the e-Learning Matrix to preview which courses titles are deisgned for you based on your job title or interest. Note: You must be on the LKQ Network to view the eLearning Matrix. You can self-register for courses using the Course Catalog on your e-learning campus.

For assistance needed with challenges related to logging in or accessing e-learning programs please contact the LKQ Support Center by creating a START ticket. If your need is urgent and time sensitive, you can also call the LKQ Support Center.

Have any general questions? Visit our FAQs page for answers.

Have any other questions or suggestions? Be sure to drop us a note by selecting the Contact Us link.